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Get Rid Of Your Baldness By Using Common Natural Hair Growth Remedies

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Heredity problem is the most common reason for loss of hair. It has been observed that children born in such families with a history of baldness start losing their hair, right from their youth and end up completely bald, when they reach the age of 30. Due to hormonal effects, the root of the hair becomes very weak and it starts falling during early age. As the blood supply from the scalp is completely cut off, new hair cannot grow.

There are plenty of natural hair growth remedies available for those who find their hair to be thinning or falling abnormally. It is much better to go for herbal treatment along with few dietary regulations, before trying any expensive shampoos or medicines which are advertised.

Many researches in this field have found plenty of natural remedies and some of these natural hair growth remedies have proven to be very successful in arresting the hair fall.

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One among the various natural hair growth remedies is a kind of oil known as AMLA oil. This oil is extracted from the fruits of AMLA tree that is grown in India. AMLA oil is made by boiling dry AMLA pieces along with the coconut oil. The mixture of AMLA juice and lemon juice of equal quantity may also be used as shampoo, in order to stimulate growth of hair and also prevent loss of hair.

Mustard oil is another good remedy for preventing hair fall. In order to maximize regeneration of hair, 200 grams of oil made out of mustard seeds must be boiled along with 100 grams of henna leaves. You can get very good hair growth with this mixture of mustard oil and leaves of henna.

There is another simple hair growth remedies available and that is with the help of fenugreek seeds. This Fenugreek plant is found in the Mediterranean, from where these seeds can be obtained. In order to prepare this, you must grind the seeds of Fenugreek, along with little water to make a fine paste. Use this paste to massage on the scalp, after you have oiled your hair. Rinse your hair with water after an hour. This process must be repeated for the whole month.

Fenugreek is also useful for lengthening the hair. If you wash your hair regularly with the paste of cooked DAL of black gram and Fenugreek, then you can lengthen your hair too. This Black gram DAL is a kind of bean that is found in India and is easily available in the stores. This is very potent medicine to increase the length of hair for women.

Another hair growth remedies is with the help of hot oil conditioner. You can heat a little amount of herbal oil or olive oil and then massage gently but firmly on your scalp. You must comb your hair and also massage again slowly. Your comb must be wide toothed.

Along with these treatments one must eat healthy food and sleep well too. It is better to abstain from smoking to keep your hair in good health. If you follow this regularly, you can certainly have good hair.

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