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Hair Growth Remedies At Home

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Though no magic bullet is there to make the hair grow faster, it will definitely grow faster if the hair damage is reduced. Also, doing so is much easier than one might think. You could make use of home remedies to increase the hair growth rate.

Hair Growth Remedies at home include using the natural spices and herbs, many of which already exist in your kitchen. These natural methods enhance the rate of hair growth naturally, prevent the hair from falling, and even regrow the lost hair when properly used.

Parsley Seeds

Crush the parsley seeds into powder by putting in a food processor or grinding mill. Apply the powder directly onto the scalp. Allow it to remain overnight. In the morning, thoroughly brush out the powder. This is one oldest and most efficient home Hair Growth Remedies. It must be repeated once every month for obtaining best results.

Nettle Leaves

Comb the nettle juice through your hair, in the direction opposite to natural hair growth. If nettle juice is not obtainable, use nettle tea that is made with the nettle tea bags. Otherwise, loose dried herb could also be used. This is another traditional Hair Growth Remedies done at home, and it could be repeated daily till the hair begins growing back.


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Use leaves of artichoke for hair growth. Simmer for several hours at least a dozen leaves of artichoke in 1 cup of water, strain, and massage this directly into your scalp every night before bed. You could even store the excess in the refrigerator in labeled jar.

Dried Rosemary

Make rosemary vinegar rinse for increasing hair growth. Rosemary prevents the hair from falling and increases hair growth naturally. Infuse one teaspoon of dried rosemary in 1 cup boiling water for about 15-20 minutes. Then, strain, and add cup of apple cider vinegar into the liquid. Rinse your hair with this resulting solution every time you shampoo.

Scalp massage

One of the several Hair Growth Remedies includes scalp massage. Gently and thoroughly massaging all the areas of the scalp using the fingertips could improve the blood flow. The blood circulation brings in all the essential proteins and nutrients necessary for the hair follicles and roots. You could dramatically raise the effectiveness of the hair growth through massaging the scalp using natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil as the natural way of moisturizing and lubricating the hair strands.

Natural Vitamin supplements

Taking natural herbal or vitamin supplements could be another effective way of Hair Growth Remedies. Using the high quality vitamins that are sourced from the natural ingredients like vitamin A, B, C and Vitamin E, you could reverse hair shedding and loss. These vitamins are well-known for adding correct oils to scalp and improving the blood circulation.

When using hair growth remedies for rejuvenating and restoring the hair, it is very important to begin treatment immediately after you notice any hair loss problem. If the dormant follicles are not treated, they could quickly become permanent.

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