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Natural Hair Growth Could Be Achieved At Home

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Top Hair Growth Products
Hair Growth Comparisons


Long and beautiful hair is the mark of ultimate beauty. Hence, it is very natural that everybody, especially women, make every effort to improve natural hair growth. Many homemade mixtures and tonics are there that have proven to improve the speed at which an individual can grow hair. Hair growth requires patience. Many myths are there regarding how to make the hair grow faster. However, the truth is that hair growth takes place at the same speed for almost every person.

Time Frame

The human hair grows roughly 1/4 to half inch per month, i.e., six inches per year. Your hair may grow a bit faster in summer as heat stimulates growth.

Hair Growth Stages

The scalp regularly sheds hair. The hair follicles experience three phases through their life cycle: anagen phase for approximately three years, the transitional phase and then telogen phase for around three months of time, when hair rests. When once this phase terminates, hair is shed away. The scalp sheds approximately 100 hairs each day, or more with shampooing. Since each strand will be in different phase, the normal hair loss cannot be noticed. At any specified period, your head has about 100,000 hairs.

Maintain Healthy Hair

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Get a trim about every 6 to 8 weeks with less than one inch so that you still experience its growth. The trim removes damaged, split ends and maintains your hair’s health. If you don’t get regular trims then you will be entailed to cut more hair at the end.

Options for Healthy Hair

You could basically choose between the edible items which improve natural hair growth or could look to some other, more distinctive, homemade ways to grow hair. Edible items are considered as all-natural. Such items are generally packed with proteins like eggs.

Eggs are undoubtedly one of the most excellent ways of obtaining natural hair growth. They have been used all over the globe for centuries. Another thing that is very much related to eggs in promoting fast growth is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is one best household item that not only serves to grow the hair but also conditions every strand imparting it a splendid shine.

Mayonnaise contains vinegar, eggs and also oil, which happens to be the sole reason for being beneficial towards a natural hair growth. While using mayonnaise for hair growth supplement be aware of the effects of the oil. In other words, see that washing is done thoroughly because the oil in mayo tends to settle where it is placed.

The basic reason behind the effectiveness of eggs is its natural protein amount. The egg yolk of is contains bulk of the proteins. You will notice a wonderful shine as well as improved hair growth when eggs are used. Cocoa-butter, Avocados Olive, castor oil and coconut oil have also proven to be great in conditioning and improving hair growth. These oils work much better when the hair is washed thoroughly prior to using them.

Make sure that the follicles and scalp are massaged with a vigorous motion after applying oil. This will stimulate hair growth follicles and increases hair growth rate. Massaging must be done regularly so as to improve your natural hair growth.

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