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Follow Natural Hair Growth Treatments And Prevent Hair Fall

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Hair loss is one of the commonly seen problems in men and women belonging to all ages. This can be because of the insufficient supply of required nutrients to hair cuticle (root of the hair). Less supply of nutrients results with decrease in the diameter of hair follicles. When such follicles lose its actual size, it loses its grip to hold the cuticle and hence fall-out, whenever you comb your hair.

Many times, the exceeded conditions of hair fall may result in baldness in some people. It is always suggested to use hair growth treatments, when you feel your hair is becoming thin and also when you experience excess hair loss.

Hair fall problems always begin with the cuticle. This can be because of many reasons such as,

  • Hair dandruff problems
  • Insufficient supply of required nutrients to the roots of the hair.

Hair fall problem may result in complete baldness, if you do not treat this problem in the initial stages. You can find variety of hair growth treatments that you can follow to get rid of your hair fall problems.

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Home Treatments

  • Brushing wet hair, soon after hair-wash may damage your hair. Always try to use wide-toothed comb or hair brush to brush your wet hair.
  • If you are suffering from split-end problems, then you can soak your hair in the stale flat beer solution. Leave your hair for 5 to 10 minutes and thoroughly wash your hair with the shampoo. This cures your split-end problem.
  • Mixing a cup of water and lemon and using this solution along with egg yolk to massage your scalp has the capacity to restore the shine to your dull and dry hair. This is one among the most commonly used hair growth treatments.
  • Massaging the hair scalp with olive oil stimulates a healthy and shiny hair growth.
  • Try to keep-up a monthly schedule of trimming your hair about half or one inch. This helps your hair to lose as much split ends as possible and grow healthily.
  • Using herbal oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, etc can nourish your hair-tip with natural supplements.

Daily-Life Treatments

  • Excessive smoking, consumption of too much caffeine and some drinks that are rich in carbonated compounds always weaken your body cells, which in-turn affects your hair roots.
  • Following healthy diet can be one among the best hair growth treatments. Try to avoid sugar or food rich in fat in your regular diet.
  • Remember that your hair is just like the hair of your doll. Take care of them as delicately as possible. Unnecessary combing, brushing or even mishandling of your hair can severely damage the hair cuticle.
  • Following a strict schedule of massaging your scalp with natural oils once in a week can stimulate fast growth of hair. It is one among the best hair growth treatments that help you to have a healthy hair.
  • Try to avoid hot-water, hot blow-dryer, etc to come in close contact with your scalp. This can damage the root-cells of your hair.
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