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Importance Of Biotin For Hair Growth

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Biotin or Vitamin B product is abundantly present in food items like eggs, liver, milk, etc. It is one among the major components that are required by our body to produce healthy hair follicles. This Vitamin product not only helps with the hair growth, but also helps in healthy maintenance of nails and skin in our body.

This nutrient plays a key role in growth and strengthening of hairs. Many dermatologists prescribe maximum number of biotin rich supplements, along with the other medicines for hair loss. The following points help you to understand the importance of biotin for hair growth.

  • Biotin is required in more concentration, than any other supplements to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, nails and skin.
  • Biotin is normally referred as Vitamin H, since it protects hair from drying, breakage, etc and helps your hair roots to produce rich and healthy hair follicles.
  • Biotin supplies all required hair supplements and increases the elasticity of the hair, in order to prevent hair breakage.
  • The hair cuticle shrinks, as the scalp continues to lose excess hair. Biotin helps in thickening the hair cuticle, which results in the growth of two or three follicles from one cuticle. This may even result with increase in the diameter of the hair cuticle.

Situations Which Cause Deficiency of Biotin in our body

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  • Some inborn metabolism errors can cause biotin deficiency in our body. Such conditions are cured by suggesting high dose of some enzymes, which are biotin-dependant and activates the metabolic pathways.
  • The regular routine of strict diet may result in less supply of biotin for hair growth.
  • Continuous usage of some medications such as anticonvulsants and antibiotics may result with biotin deficiency.
  • Short bowel syndrome (disease that affects the rate of absorption of biotin from intestinal cells).
  • Intake of raw egg whites in plenty may block biotin absorption, because raw-white egg is rich in glycoprotein, which restricts biotin absorption from the body cells.
  • Ingestion of high dosage pantothenic acid can affect biotin absorption in intestines, which results in lesser supply of biotin for hair growth.
  • Certain conditions may also cause less absorption of biotin from intestinal cells such as recovering from illness, continuously consuming highly processed food items, when you are a new-mother etc.

Deficiency of Biotin

Deficiency of biotin has severe effect on our health as well as on the condition of our hair.

  • If your body does not supply enough amount of biotin for hair growth, then it may result in alopecia, brittle hair and hair loss.
  • The other extended deficiencies include appearance of rashes on the skin, skin drying and seborrhea dermatitis.

Food items that can supply higher amount of biotin for hair growth are egg yolk, yeast, liver, peanuts, kidney, Swiss chard, onions, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, goat’s milk, raspberries, tomatoes, strawberries, almonds, romaine lettuce, walnuts, oats, beans and halibut and many other such vegetables and meat products.

Biotin in highly required to initiate every metabolism pathway in our body and deficiency of biotin may severely affect our body system. We all know that all metabolic pathways are interconnected to one another and even a slight change in any pathway may affect the entire body system.

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