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Natural Hair Growth A Guide To Shiny, Black Hair

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Everyone desires to have long, shiny and silky yet manageable hair irrespective of whether they have curly or straight hair. Hair loss is also a quite common problem encountered by many and hence they resort to various methods of preventing hair fall by promoting and stimulating hair regrowth. Natural hair growth can be induced by using hair care products obtained from plants and herbal extracts that enhances blood circulation in the scalp region and induces growth of hair follicles.

Healthy hair and a perfect hair style can improve your personality, self-confidence and boost your self-esteem too. Though everyone aspires for healthy hair it is quite a challenging task to achieve one. Hair fall may be due to aging, stress, vitamin deficiencies, improper dietary plans, hormonal imbalance, hereditary factors and illness or even due to severe radiation therapy. To reverse hair loss it is best to resort to natural hair growth methods.

Vitamin supplement coupled with a balanced, healthy diet can obviously promote hair growth. A food rich in Vitamin E is an ideal nutrient that stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp and Vitamin A promotes shiny hair as it regulates the production of natural oil sebum which stimulates the hair follicles. Drinking of plenty of water keeps you well hydrated and induces growth of healthy hair. Consumption of liberal quantities of foods enriched in iron like liver, beetroot, greens, raisins etc., encourages natural hair growth. A good scalp massage with warm coconut oil can also assure good hair growth.

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Application of coconut milk and then rinsing nourishes the hair and fuels hair growth. Extracting amla and lime juice and applying on the scalp can also produce noticeable results. Application of fenugreek and mustard paste is an effective hair loss prevention formula. Hibiscus petal juice also creates a condition that is conducive for excellent natural hair growth. Boil extracts of curry leaves, basil leaves, hibiscus flower and amla and use it regularly to control hair loss and thinning.

Henna, egg white and curd are natural conditioners as it has the qualities of making dull hair shine and bounce with life. Aloe Vera repairs scalp damage, cleanses hair follicles and creates a favourable condition for hair growth. A protein rich diet is also a component of healthy and beautiful hair. Natural products help in maintaining and retaining the quality and condition of the hair. Hence one should be very careful in the choice of hair care products too. Stress filled life pattern can also induce hair fall.

A healthy body and a healthy life style are highly essential for creating a condition helpful for proper growth of shiny, black tangle free hair. The secret of beautiful hair that makes you feel good and look good is to have a clean and healthy scalp free from dandruff. The ultimate solution to stop hair fall and to increase hair growth rate is to adopt natural hair growth methods to be safe from the side effects of using chemical products.

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