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Fast Hair Growth - Excellent Hair Care Tips

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At any point of time 90 per cent of your hair grows while 10 per cent remains the same. Typically the hair grows about 5 inches every month and you can't make it grow any faster. However, the growth of the hair slows down due to certain negative things. Therefore, by going through these tips for fast hair growth you can have long hair.

Proper Hair Care

By not taking adequate care of your hair you can slow down your hair growth. Hair dyes, Chemicals, combing roughly, or blow drying while the hair is wet and cutting with dull scissor are all against fast hair growth.

You must avoid using few strong chemicals such as peroxides etc. Using these may damage your hair permanently. Although coloring of hair is popular, you are taking risking your hair growth. In case, you have to color your hair then use proper shampoo and conditioner meant for that color. However, make sure that you do not shampoo your hair too frequently.

The natural oil that is produced by your body can coat your hair to protect them. You must wash your hair at certain intervals rather than too frequently. Besides the hair related chemicals, you must also protect your hair against environmental chemicals. Chlorine is considered to be harmful for hair, so you must use swimming cap while swimming regularly.

The hairstyle that you maintain is also very important. If you comb your hair roughly then the hair follicles may get damaged. Even tight hair styles can have negative effect on your fast hair growth. As far as possible try to avoid curling irons, blow fryers & hot rollers. Heat may damage your hair. Wash your hair with cold water rather than hot water.

Exposure to sun must be avoided

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If you expose your hair for longtime under the sun then it can retard fast hair growth. To protect your hair from the harsh sunlight you must wear a cap or hat.

Drink & eat healthy

You must take care of what you eat and drink. You must also avoid smoking as far as possible. Due to unhealthy eating and drinking habits, you not only damage your health, but your hair too. Therefore a balanced diet with a healthy mix of meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products is very essential. You must avoid too many sweets, aerated drinks, alcohol and other beverages. There must be enough vitamin A, C and E in your diet to have fast hair growth.

Remove stress from mind

High level of stress can also retard the growth of hair. You must ensure that you are relaxing enough and also getting sufficient amount of sleep during night. You may perform Yoga or meditation to relieve stress.

Treatment must be last resort

You must consider taking medicines to prevent hair fall when all other natural process fails to give the desired result. You must remember that every medication has its own side effects. Follow the above tips for 5 to 6 months and you will certainly get good hair growth.

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