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Vitamins For Hair Growth - Best Alternative For Healthy Hair

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In case, you are suffering from hair loss problem, then you can try various vitamin supplements, which can produce the desired result. There are many vitamins for hair growth products available in the market, which can certainly produce very good result. There are many other means available to enhance the growth of the hair, but none of them are as effective as these vitamins.

Vitamins are nothing but the organic compounds and are very essential for the normal development and maintenance of hair. These vitamins with varied biochemical functions can promote healthy hair than any of the hair growth shampoos available in the market.

They can address diverse hair problems such as thinning of hair or hair that develops too slowly. Intake of vitamins is one of the best remedy for hair loss. Besides the hair growth, vitamins improve your health too. Hence, the overall development of your body along with the hair can be the best alternative to cure your hair loss problem.

Vitamin B and H

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Pantothenic acids, which contain Vitamin B5 and biotin, which contains vitamin H are very helpful in the hair growth. They also increase the cell growth in the body. Similarly, Folic acid can develop cell growth and consumption of inositol helps in maintaining healthy cell membrane. All these vitamins are quite useful, as they attack the real source of the problem. If the root of your hair gets strengthened by these vitamins for hair growth then automatically your hair loss problem will be cured and you will have healthy growth of hair.

Pantothenic acid not only helps in the hair growth, but it also prevents grey hair. Vitamin B5 is available in yeast & egg yolk and also in whole grains. Vitamin B6 & B12 are also equally useful like B5 and these vitamins may be found in veggies, yeast, egg yolk, chicken, meat and dairy products.

Vitamin A, B, C and E

One can easily remember these alphabets as these vitamins A, B, C & E are very essential vitamins for hair growth. Vitamin A helps in developing healthy scalp. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of these vitamins and therefore their consumption is very useful. Also beef and dairy products are good source of Vitamin A.

Among the vitamin B, B3, B5, B6 and B12 are essential vitamins for hair growth. Beef, turkey, Chicken are good source of Vitamin B. Vitamin C can be obtained in most of the fresh fruits. This vitamin is also antioxidant like vitamin A.

Among the sources of Vitamin E are Sun flower oil, Wheat germ oil and Almonds, which can be taken dry or roasted, peanuts and spinach etc. If all the vitamins like A, B, C & E are taken together then it can help maintaining healthy hair.

Thus, you can see that many of our daily food contain most of the necessary vitamins that is needed for healthy hair. In order to take extra dose of these vitamins for hair growth, you must consult the doctors and take exact dosages, which can certainly produce the desired results and you can have healthy body as well as hair.

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