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Vitamins For Hair Growth – Hair Loss Prevention

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Vitamins for hair growth are necessary to have healthy hair. Mainly hair loss is caused by the vitamin deficiency, by many other causes such as age, usage of drugs or several infections. By using these hair vitamins in our diet, you can improve your hair growth. These vitamins enhance your blood circulation, reduce your stress and also help in producing active hormones.

The best vitamins for hair growth

There may be many reasons for hair loss. It could be due to stress, pollution, headache and many others. However, on of the important factor that aggravates hair loss is deficiency of the vitamins, which are responsible for their growth. Some of the vitamins that are needed by your body for hair growth are Biotin (vitamin-H), Iron, zinc.anti-oxidants, vitamin-A, protein, panthothenic Acid.

Why take these vitamins?

It’s a question each one of us ask and are eager to know how these vitamins play very important role in hair growth. Some components like biotin prevent graying of hair. Iron deficiency not only causes anemia, but also leads to sever hair fall. Intake of vitamin-B will strengthen your hair follicles, zinc will reduce the scalp problems, anti-oxidants will boost further hair growth, and proteins will acts as resistant. Thus, you’ll need to regularly consume vitamins for hair growth.

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The vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C, vitamin D and Vitamin E help your hair grow naturally. Your diet should contain these vitamins for faster growth and healthier hair. The description of the each vitamin is given below:

Vitamin A: It is consumed to maintain healthy hair, enhance it growth and for better skin. Vitamin A is used for regulating the synthesis of retinoic acid in your hair. Dairy products and beef are rich in Vitamin A. Most of the skin care products also contain Vitamin A, which either can be applied on the skin or taken orally.

Vitamin B: This vitamin helps your body handle the stress and thereby further reducing your hair fall. Inositol contains Vitamin B, which is used for speedy hair growth. The B12 is another type of Vitamin B that promotes hair growth, as it is a vital component of your hair. You’ll find B12 in mainly food items like eggs and other vegetables.

Vitamin C: It is beneficial in absorbing iron contents from food, which is needed for hair growth. A human body cannot produce vitamin C and thus, you’ll need to intake food or supplements rich in it like fruits and vegetables. This vitamin for hair growth is recommended 1000 to 2000mg per day.

Vitamin D: By taking Vitamin D, you can be sure that it stops your loss of hair. It also stimulates the hair follicle and cells that form the hair shaft. Depending on an individual’s age and sex, you must take your daily dosage of Vitamin D. A child could be given 5 micrograms of Vitamin D, whereas an adult could consume 10 to 20 mcg everyday.

Vitamin E: It builds the capillaries in your body and improves the blood flow through the scalp and reduces your hair fall. This vitamin also stimulates the hair follicles, which enhances your hair growth. You could include 400IU per day to your diet for long lustrous healthy hair. Vitamin E can either be directly massaged on your scalp to improve the blood flow or consumed as prescribed by your physician.

Use of vitamins for hair growth does not have any side effects, and you’ll enjoy wearing your hair long and beautiful.

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